Life Skills
Training Programme

Knowledge and skills are necessary for athletes to be competitive in our fast-moving and resourceful society. Hence, Life Skills Training Programme is an essential part of the HKACEP in creating opportunities to support and enhance athletes’ competitiveness for their next career goal. The services jointly provided by HKACEP and approved supporting organisations include but are not limited to: 

  • Sports Coaching Related Courses
  • Physical Fitness Related Courses
  • Standard First Aid Certificate Course
  • Adult & Child CPR & AED Certificate Course
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Course
  • CV Writing and Interview Skills
  • Application of Software
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Event Organising Skills
  • DISC – Understanding Human Behaviour and Enhance Interpersonal
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Master-of-Ceremony   

Athletes can enroll in relevant courses according to their own interests and needs. HKACEP will continue to explore new training courses to enrich the programme and fulfill athletes’ development needs.

Life Skills Training Programme
Previous Events
20210914-17_First Aid Course 20210208_Presentation skills and personal branding
20200711_Video taking and editing by Mobile Phone 20190520_Adult & Child CPR & AED Certificate Course (ACCA)_1st class
20200620_Sports Taping (Lower Body) 20201128_Latte Art
2019101213_WSET Level 1 Award in Wines 20180526_Physical Fitness Foundation Certificate Course
201605825_SEOP and AP Introductory Talk 20180313_Presentation skills
Ambassador Programme
Ambassador Programme is aiming to offer athletes valuable opportunities to polish their public speaking skills and to promote sports and the positive attitude of athletes to the community, schools and corporations. Athletes who are interested in sharing their stories please contact HKACEP Office
HKACEP Athletes Ambassador

1. TANG Pui Yiu.jpeg

TANG Pui Yiu - Archery

2. WONG Ka Yuk 2.jpeg

WONG Ka Yuk - Bodybuilding

3. KWOK Ka Wai.jpeg

KWOK Ka Wai - Canoe

4. CHEUNG Kwan Lok.JPG

CHEUNG Kwan Lok - Karatedo

5. LEE Ka Wai 2.jpeg

LEE Ka Wai - Karatedo

8. TANG Cheuk Yiu.jpeg

TANG Cheuk Yiu - Shuttlecok

7. FUNG Cheuk Yin.jpeg

FUNG Cheuk Yin - Shuttlecock 

18. YIP Yick Hong.jpeg

YIP Yick Hong - Karatedo

6. OR Kwan Ho.jpeg

OR Kwan Ho Kevin - Shuttlecock

13. NG Yuen Yin 2.jpeg

NG Yuen Yin - Gymnastics

11. LO Sin Lam.jpeg

LO Sin Lam - Windsurfing

12. CHAN Ho Ling.jpeg

CHAN Ho Ling - Squash

10. WU Lok Kan.jpeg

WU Lok Kan - Volleyball

YIP Pui Yin - Badminton

15. LEUNG Kam Fai 2.jpeg

LEUNG Kam Fai - Football

16. CHUANG Yan Wing.jpeg

CHUANG Yan Wing - Water Polo

17. YUEN Wai Hang.jpg

YUEN Wai Hang - Fin Swimming

9. LAW Leong Tim.jpeg

LAW Leong Tim - Triathlon

19. LAI Chun Ho.jpg

LAI Chun Ho - Athletics

20. CHAN Ka Ho.jpg

CHAN Ka Ho - Athletics

21. WONG Cho Hei.jpeg

WONG Cho Hei - Softball/Baseball

WONG Hui Wai - Triathlon

CHAN Hin Kwong - Football

Target & Theme

We arrange ambassador talks to THREE major sectors: the community sectors, schools and corporations. 
Theme of talks include the following: 

Community Sectors
Community Sectors

A request of invitation for an Ambassador’s Talk can be made via email ( to the Office of the Hong Kong Athletes Career & Education Programme (HKACEP Office) at least 2 months before the talk; please provide information of your organization, desired date, time, and venue; desired target audience and theme in the email.  The HKACEP Office reserves the right to accept or reject any request of invitation.