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Ambassador Recruitment !!
Event | 2017-09-19

HKACEP's Ambassador Programme aims to promote positive attitude to the society by sports ambassadors' sharing of their perseverance athletic stories as a part of an ''Athlete’s Social Responsibility". Over 50 ambassador talks, attracting more than 8000 participants, have been conducted since 2009.

Our Sports Ambassadors have extended their services from the community and school sector to the corporate setting. They have provided corporations with staff training; by transferring their athlete skills to the workplace; these skills include: “To Strive for Excellence”, “To be Persistence”, “Stress Management under pressure”, “To Dare to Dream” and “Concentration skills”.

If you wish to join the Ambassador Programme, please contact the HKACEP Office for further details. (Tel: 2504-8188  Email: hkacep@hkolympic.org)