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HKACEP 2020 “Transcend Success” Recognition Ceremony
Press Release | 2020-10-21

The launch of “Stars to Shine” Mentorship Programme (2nd term)

Nine Famous Retired Athletes Appointed as Star Mentors
to Assist Newly Retired Athletes Develop Second Career


  • A total of 30 athletes awarded with the “Education Scholarship Enhancement Programme”
  • Announcement of the launch of “Stars to Shine” Mentorship Programme (2nd  term)
  • Nine famous retired athletes from different industries were appointed as Star Mentors and support 23 mentees


[Hong Kong, 21 October 2020] The HKACEP Transcend Success Recognition Ceremony 2020 organized by the Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme (HKACEP) of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) has been held today at the Olympic House, with the presence of honourable guests including Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, GBS, JP, President of SF&OC, Mr YEUNG Tak-keung, JP, Commissioner for Sports, Home Affairs Bureau, Dr. Herman S.M. HU, SBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC and Chairman of HKACEP Committee, Mr. Karl C. KWOK, BBS, Vice-President of SF&OC and Vice-Chairman of HKACEP Committee, Ms. Vivien C.C. LAU, SBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC, Mr. Tony K.L. YUE, BBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC, Mr. Ronnie M.C. WONG, BBS, JP, Honorary Secretary General of SF&OC, Mr. Edgar J.T. YANG, PDSM, Honorary Deputy Secretary General of SF&OC, Mr. WONG Po Kee, MH, Honorary Deputy Secretary General of SF&OC,  Ms. Fay K.F. HO, Honorary Deputy Secretary General of SF&OC, Mr. Bryan WONG, Head of Charities (Grant Making) of the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Mr. Charles L.C. HO, Learning and Development Manager of MTR Corporation Limited attended the ceremony to appreciate the staunch support of different industries in the society in supporting athlete’s transformation. The Ceremony also aims to get the public’s attention to the retirement of athletes.


HKACEP was established since 2008, has been providing career, education, life skills training and consultation services to retired and retiring athletes. In 2012, the Sports Legacy Scheme was launched under the HKACEP to provide athletes an all-rounded development opportunity to become athlete coaches and promote sports to underprivileged schools.


Various services and supports provided by HKACEP has been benefiting 791 Hong Kong athletes. Since the launch of the programme, over six million Hong Kong dollars (HK$6,000,000) has been awarded to 116 athletes with outstanding sports achievements. The “Education Scholarship Enhancement Programme” supports athletes in taking different education programmes, assisting their transformation from sports to other fields and strengthening their competitiveness. This year, a total of 30 athletes were awarded with scholarship of over one million Hong Kong dollars (HK$1,000,000). Awardees include LI Ka Man, KWOK Ho Ting, LAI Chun Ho, TANG Chiu Mang, and WONG Wan Yiu. (Please refer to Appendix 1 for the full name list.)


Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, GBS, JP, President of SF&OC, said, “we appreciate the support from the HKSAR Government, corporates, education institutions, collaborators and strategic partners, which is the key to the successful implementation of our programme. We hear so many positive responses that we are grateful to see our athletes successfully develop their second career and bringing sports spirits to their respective workplace. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone’s support in inspiring athletes to develop their career.”


Dr. Herman S.M. HU, SBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC, and Chairman of HKACEP Committee shared, “HKACEP successfully gained public attention to the development of retired athletes. We are very happy to receive support from corporates and institutions every year. We are also thankful for the support and assistance from people from all walks of life. HKACEP equips athletes with knowledge and helps them integrate into the workplace. We hope to introduce more services in the future to provide even more comprehensive support to the athletes.”


“Star to Shine” Mentorship Programme (2nd Term) is officially launched today. The goal of the Programme is to provide newly retired Hong Kong athletes (mentees) an additional avenue of learning through experience sharing and interaction with seasoned famous HK retired athletes who have successfully developed their second career and gained a wealth of working experience (mentors). The 9 mentors will accompany 23 mentees on their way of transformation. (Please refer to the table below for more details about the mentors and mentees.)


Mr. Wong Kam Po, facilitator of the mentorship programme remarked, “I am very pleased that the “Stars to Shine” Mentorship Programme has come to the second term, matching the retired athletes’ aspiration with suitable career opportunities. I am honoured to be one of the mentors to share my experience and provide the necessary information that my mentees need for them to understand the market situation and enhance their competitiveness.”


Mr. Alex L. S. FONG, a former Olympic swimmer and well-known HK artist, joined the Programme as a new mentor this year. He shared, “athletes face ups and downs in training and competition, which is a great way to strengthen their perseverance and willpower. These are precious qualities of athletes. I hope to get along with the mentees by sharing my own experience, help them apply their sportsmanship to the workplace, and continue to contribute to society from different positions.”


Dr. Adam Y.K. LEE, Managing Director of Sunwah Kingsway Financial Services Group Limited of Sunwah Group, said, “I hope my mentees can learn three things – be creative, be analytic and be practical.”


One of the mentees in second term and a retired Hong Kong cyclist, Ms. LI Yan Yan,  said, “I feel grateful to have Ms. Amy CHAN as my mentor. I have just retired from my athlete career and I hope I can find my new pathway in the coming two years with the guidance of my mentor.”


One of the athletes awarded with scholarship and retired Hong Kong windsurfing athlete, Mr. CHAN King Yin, said, “When I retired, I joined the English course provided by HKACEP. After that I was awarded with the scholarship to complete a 3-year bachelor’s degree. The scholarship could ease my economic pressure for me to equip myself without worries. I believe that the success of a person depends on one’s perseverance and discipline. Athletes have developed these good qualities from their athlete career. I encourage athletes to get in touch with different parts of the society and be proactive to grab any opportunities. Supplemented by various support from HKACEP, retired athletes will be able to develop their second career at ease.”

About Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme (HKACEP)

HKACEP, under the auspices of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and subvented by Home Affairs Bureau of HKSAR Government was established since 2008, has been providing career, education and life skills supports to retired and retiring athletes. The programme has been providing various supports to 791 athletes from 50 National Sports Associations since its launching.

Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
The Office of Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme
Date: 21 October 2020