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HKACEP 2021 “Transcend Success” Recognition Ceremony to Assist Retired Athletes Develop Second Career
Press Release | 2021-12-13
  • More than 170 of job vacancies provided by nearly 40 companies and institutions
  • Cooperation with local educational institutions to provide special admission mechanism and scholarship for retired athletes
  • Athletes shared the books related to sports


[Hong Kong, 13 December 2021] The HKACEP “Transcend Success” Recognition Ceremony 2021 organized by the Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme (HKACEP) of Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) has been held today at the Olympic House, with the presence of honourable guests including Mr. Timothy T.T. FOK, GBS, JP, President of SF&OC, Mr. YEUNG Tak-keung, JP, Commissioner for Sports, Home Affairs Bureau, Dr. Herman S.M. HU, SBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC and Chairman of HKACEP Committee, Mr. Tony K.L. YUE, BBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC, Mr. Ronnie M.C. WONG, BBS, JP, Honorary Secretary General of SF&OC and Ms. Fay K.F. HO, Honorary Deputy Secretary General of SF&OC attended the ceremony to appreciate the staunch support of different industries in the society in supporting athlete’s transformation. It also aims to arise the public’s attention to the retirement of athletes. In addition, the Star Mentors of “Stars to Shine” Mentorship Programme including Mr. WONG Kam-po, SBS, BBS, MH, Mr. Alex L.S. FONG, Dr. Adam Y.K. LEE, Ms. Amy L.C. CHAN, JP, Mr. CHENG Ka-ho, MH, JP, Ms. Vivian Y.S. LEE, Mr. Tony K.T. CHUI and Mr. Samuel S.S.YU were also present for the kick-off ceremony.


The theme of the ceremony is “CEOS”, which includes 4 aspects. “C” stands for “Career Transformation”, which means assisting the newly retired athletes to transform from sports to other professions. HKACEP will organise virtual career expo and various workshops to strengthen the competitiveness of the retired athletes in labour market so that they can continue shining in the society. “E” stands for “Education to Public”, which refers to raising the public awareness towards athlete transformation. By understanding the role of SF&OC in supporting retired athletes, more stakeholders would provide opportunities to them. “O” stands for “Olympic Spectrum”, which means upholding the Olympic Spirit with the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. “S” stands for “Succession of Generations”, which means to pass on the spirit of athletes across generations.


SF&OC values the transcendence and development of Hong Kong retired athletes. Therefore, HKACEP has invited almost 40 enterprises and institutions across various industries to provide 170 job opportunities for Hong Kong retired athletes so that they would be able to contribute to society in new positions. HKACEP is going to organise a virtual career expo exclusively for the retired athletes by providing job opportunities and internships. At the same time, HKACEP will also arrange workshops in equipping the interview techniques. HKACEP has already assisted more than 250 retired athletes to transform to new working positions.


Apart from career transformation, HKACEP offers comprehensive education support for further studies. The Education University of Hong Kong signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HKACEP to provide special admission mechanisms for Hong Kong athletes. On another hand, various scholarships have been provided for athletes to ease their financial burden. HKACEP has also prepared retired and planning to retire athletes for their daily life and career with free English courses.


The Ceremony also invited athletes to share their literary work, which bear their blood, sweat and tears. HKACEP encourages all sorts of sports related literary work through offering chances of sharing and media exposure.


Mr. Timothy T.T. Fok, GBS, JP, President of SF&OC said, “The awareness of Hong Kong athletes was raised due to their outstanding achievements in the Olympic Games. We appreciate the support from the HKSAR Government and supporting entities, such that athletes enjoy all-rounded support. We are grateful to see our athletes successfully develop their second career and bring sportsmanship to their respective workplace.”


Dr. Herman S.M. Hu, SBS, JP, Vice-President of SF&OC, and Chairman of HKACEP Committee shared, “HKACEP is delighted to receive support from corporates and education institutions. HKACEP equips athletes with knowledge and helps them integrate into the workplace. We hope to introduce more comprehensive support to the athletes through online career exhibits this year.”


Mr. Ronnie M.C. Wong, BBS, JP, Honorary Secretary General of SF&OC said, “HKACEP encourages further studies of athletes through offering multiple scholarships. A total of 260 successful scholarship applications were given to 138 candidates with outstanding achievements. We will collaborate with different education institutions to benefit more athletes.”


Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme (HKACEP)

HKACEP, under the auspices of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and subvented by Home Affairs Bureau of HKSAR Government was established since 2008, has been providing career, education and life skills supports to retired and retiring athletes. The programme has been providing various support to 902 athletes from 50 National Sports Associations since its launching.


Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

      The Office of Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme


Date: 13 December 2021